For better or worse, the Rangers got their guy.

So, the Blueshirts got their guy.  David Quinn looks like your prototypical Hockey coach from the Northeast that coaches the rich kids everybody hates.  His name even fits the bill. That wont stop me from being 100% behind this decision though.  Reading the tea leaves, it was obvious from the jump that the Rangers had… Continue reading For better or worse, the Rangers got their guy.


Get ya New Yawk Spawts heah!

Ladies and Gentle Men, Let me introduce myself. My name is Spiro (Sp-ee-row) Kasabian. I am a warm-blooded American that hails from the great (arguably) state of New Jersey. My memory is spotty at best, but those spots tend to be filled with pure, unadulterated, spawts happiness. I love talking shop about literally any sport. That is not hyperbole. If you are an avid New York spawts fan like myself though, I would like to share my takes with you. Like ’em. Spike ’em. Whatever your little heart desires. I must warn you though. As moniker, Mr. Half-Glass-Full suggests, I am a positive thinking fan (for the most part). Not a click-baiter. I have both an asshole and an opinion, just most others. Just sharing the latter. I also love to argue, so I would love to hear from all of you. Follow your boy on twitter @nyspawtsguy_spi Tell ya friends! Tell ya friends!